Insurance Services

Insurance Services

Iffco Tokio

  • We offer Comprehensive insurance of the vehicle
  • Third Party Liability Cover
  • Vehicle Replacement Cover
  • PA to Passengers
  • Extension of Property Damage Liability

General FAQs

Q - Can ATV's be financed?

A - Yes.

Q - ATV's are not registered, how is financing available?

A - The company has a tie up with HDFC Bank.

Q - How much loan can be availed ?

A - Loan can be available upto 75%.

Q - Is ATV insurable ?

A - Yes.

Q - Which companies can do the insurance of ATV?

A - Iffco Tokyo, Oriental Insurance etc.

Q - Does company have some tie up for insurance ?

A - The company has a tie up with Iffco Tokyo.

Q - Being off Road, do ATVs get comprehensively insured ?

A - Yes.

Q - Are any additional covers available with ATV insurance?

A - Additional covers like personal accident, third party liability, new vehicle replacement, Extension of Property Damage Liability are available.

Q - How will the claims be settled?

A - Claims will be settled like a regular motor vehicle claim.

Q - How can I buy the insurance cover ?

A - Please ask for the insurance from the dealer at the time of Purchase of the vehicle.

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